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    Vivifi Life Sciences regulatory department has matured over time to meet the challenges of the present and the future.


    Quality is a fundamental value that we instill in all our employees, which reinforces our commitment to our customers.
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    Environment, Health & Safety

    The company promotes environmental protection and insists on complying with all applicable environmental regulations.
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    While business has grown multi-fold since its inception over 3 years ago, Vivifi Life Sciences has never lost sight of its core values.
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    Our company has immense responsibity to its clients. Inspecting every equipments periodically and maintaining the quality.
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    Standards and values

    Vivifi Life Sciences maintains the standards in there product and areery keen on there values delivering novel medicines and vaccines that address unmet medical needs.


Improving the Quality of Life by reducing the burden of disease."To be a caring

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To become the most admired pharmaceutical company in India having substantial

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Vivifi Life Sciences regulatory department has matured over time to meet the

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