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Who We Are

It all started with a dream. A dream to be a world-class pharmaceutical company of Indian origin, which can match international standards on all counts. We worked towards our goal with full enthusiasm and commitment. As a result today, Vivifi Life Sciences has already made its presence felt in the pharmaceutical world. Vivifi Life Science is one of India’s most respected pharmaceutical companies and is committed to delivering better health through superior products. By combining strategic research and expert industry knowledge, Vivifi Life Sciences aims to transform itself into a global pharmaceutical drug company.

Our Skills

Quality 100%
Responsibility 100%
Commitment 100%
Customer Satisfaction 100%

Reasons to Choose us

Improving the Quality of Life by reducing the burden of disease."To be a caring pharmaceutical company helping to enhance health through quality products"

To become the most admired pharmaceutical company in India having substantial global presence with leadership in market share and profits by:

  • Building distinctive sales and marketing capabilities.
  • We shall pursue world-class standards in our People, Products, Processes, Partnerships and Performance.
  • Inculcating a high performance culture.

  • "To be a global pharmaceutical company with increasing focus on innovative research and developed markets."
Vivifi Life Science regulatory department has matured over time to meet the challenges of the present and the future.
Quality is a fundamental value that we instill in all our employees, which reinforces our commitment to our customers. Our products pass through stringent tests backed by quality systems that ensure compliance with international standards.


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